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New Movie!

2008-09-23 18:58:02 by beanpole136

I just released a new movie, Bohrok Obama Ad! See link below in the Flash Submissions box.

Clicky Game V2

2008-09-07 14:22:32 by beanpole136

I uploaded V2 of the Clicky Game yesterday. It has more levels, sound effects, and music controls.


2008-08-26 13:28:45 by beanpole136

I re-posted my flash game without the spawning popup windows here.

Ok . . .

2008-08-26 12:25:46 by beanpole136

My flash game has been suspended for administrative review because it opens a funny website when you advance a level. Sorry for people who wanted to play; I might have to upload a new version of the game that doesn't spawn websites.

New Flash Game

2008-08-26 08:08:29 by beanpole136

I just finished and uploaded my first flash game. You can play it here. Please comment and rate appropriately!


2008-04-05 20:46:13 by beanpole136

I finally finished my first flash. It is extremely short, but sort of fun to watch.

New Movie

2008-03-20 17:03:16 by beanpole136

I (finally) have a flash movie in the works. It could be expected to be released sometime in the next few months.

New Movie